For us this is a dream house. The gravel drive leading to a ultra modern house with every aspect thought about and stunning views over beautiful countryside. Thanks Grange for the care and attention you have provided.
We bought our new home from Grange Developments in Spring 2015 and moved in in early summer. The level of service that we received, once exchange had taken place, was exemplary. All our requests were incorporated prior to completion and once we were in our new home all the niggles and problems which are inevitable in a new build were dealt with quickly and professionally.
We have heard many horror stories from others who have bought new homes but can sincerely say that Grange Developments, and Charlotte the Office Manager in particular, have ensured that any and all issues were sorted efficiently and to a high standard
The overall quality of the house is very good and we absolutely love living here. We are happy to recommend Grange Developments as a quality company.

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I thought I would take five minutes to put on paper my feelings since our purchase of our lovely new home.
As an Estate Agent I have long heard of the reputation of builders selling property with huge enthusiasm and support until the time of completion when they disappear like a puff of smoke never to be seen again. I can honestly say that this is not the Grange Developments way.
From the initial handover with the ‘very’ welcome pack, Grange and their team have done everything in their power to make sure that our house was absolutely up to scratch and any issue however small has been dealt with in a fast, friendly and professional manner.
When one makes the biggest commitment of their lives it is great to know that there is a team like yours to make sure that everything goes according to plan.
On behalf of my wife and I, we would like to say a big thank you for everything that you have done in providing us with the best new home in the area.



Grange Developments - in building Witham Grange - produced a perfect combination of the aesthetic and the functional. The house is amazing and in every corner, in every facet, the commitment to quality shines through.
Aside from the excellence of the build what really surprised me, as developers do not have the best reputation in this regard, was the unequivocal approach to brilliant customer service. At the 11th hour, in fact beyond the 11th hour as we had already completed I asked for a huge great trench to be dug 30m to accommodate the satellite tv cabling. There was no sucking of teeth or prevarication-it was just done - immediately and with no fuss and no charge. The very small number of snags we've had since we completed have been serviced perfectly.
This is not a company that cuts and runs once they hand over the keys; they genuinely care about their customers and their properties. I cannot recommend them highly enough; I feel almost privileged to have bought a property from them.